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COPPER CATHODE - Buy from us
COPPER CATHODE - Buy from us




QUANTITY: Min _ 000 MT per month up to __ 000 MT per month



FOB "Free On Board" 


CIF “Carriage & Insurance and Freight Paid to" Shipment __/__ Banking days after the Seller’s Financier receive the 100% Irrevocable, Confirmed, (DLC MT700 or SBLC/MT760) from the Buyer’s Bank.

- Upon confirmation of Buyers (DLC MT700 or SBLC/MT760) Guarantee Instrument, Seller’s Financier Bank receiving (MT700 or MT760) issues a Two Percent (2%) Performance Bond which activates the (MT700 or MT760) to be Operative. 


PRICE: USD $ LME - _(to be confirmed)_% / MT,



Product: Copper Cathodes (electrolytic grade A) min. Cu-purity: 99.99% premier degree  A Electrolytic

Grade A: Shape - Rectangular Leaves, Size - 914mm x 914mm. 

Thickness: 12mm approx.  Commodity

Weight of each sheet: 125KG (+/-1%) net weight of each pallet: 2mts (+/-1%)

Dimension: 914mm x 914mm x 12mm (LME standard). 

Minim. weight in each container:    20mts approx. 

Gross weight of each container: 22.20mts approximately. 

Packing/Weight: Palletized banded by aluminum bands. The goods must be arranged to ensure their safety during transport; Seller will ship the goods in packages, pallets 1.2 MT each approx. In 20 feet. Each container of 20 "ft. will be charged 22.5 MT approx.



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- Quantities:
- Delivery: 
- Destination:
- Payment model:
If you are not an End Buyer, you must tell us what is your position, all your details and how many brokers are involved,.. so we will respond promptly to your message


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