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I MÁRIO MONTEZ with full legal representation, Mandatory Worldwide to work on behalf of SELLERS, with negotiations and contract agreements of his assets: 'PRECIOUS METALS' at the required Buy and Sell procedures  within regulations commercial and banking rules as to issue and sign PROTOCOL'S, SOFT AND FULL CORPORATE OFFERS (FCO) and  SALLES AND PURCHASE AGREEMENT in the capacity of MARKET DIRECTOR.

Located in Santarem, Portugal, I am a key business introducer for the procurement of commodities. I arrange the Private Buying and Selling of commodities in small and large quantities. I'm work direct with Raw Gold, Rough Diamonds and Copper Cathodes Suppliers arranging transactions worldwide.

Honesty and integrity is the name of my game.
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I am looking for buyers and sellers worldwide.
Interested Sellers, Buyers, Buyers Mandate and Brokers should contact me directly.
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Mr. Montez