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My name is Mario Montez headquartered in Portugal, assuming the position of FREELANCER with full legal authorization/representation of some Sellers to work on his behalf at negotiations and contract agreements of his assets: 


So understand that I Mario Montez - Freelancer, working with different supplier companies in the area of Precious Metals (Gold and Diamonds) as well as Copper Cathodes, helping the SELLERS and BUYERS to get what they need by executing affordable and convenient solutions.. 


*- I don't work with a Seller just because he claims to be a seller or just because he says he has gold,

   The same way that

*- I do not sign a contract with a Buyer just because he says he is a buyer or that he buys gold,

Both parties (Seller & Buyer) have to prove it, not with words, but with documents and other evidence that can be verified.

BUYERS * All BUYERS must identify themselves and prove that they are legitimate by always showing their Certificate of Incorporation among other information.

SELLERS * Only Legitimate Product Owners are accepted. Sellers who enter into a private agreement, identify themselves with all company documents and prove track record of successful deliveries that can be easily verified.

With high respect and esteem for all parties involved in this type of business, I ask everyone to understand the following;
       *- It's not accepted any intervention, collaboration or contact through Representatives, Mandates, Trading Companies or Brokers between ME and OWNERS or MINERS.
       *- Trading Companies, Representatives, Mandates, Brokers are welcome as long as they have a direct connection with an End Buyer, ie: on the "buyer side" and never on the seller side!

Feel free to browse around this Web. You are welcome to submit your questions, comments, suggestions and proposals about my products or services. If you simply need more information and want to contact me, click on the contact button on any page within this Web.
Interested Sellers, Buyers, Buyers Mandate and Brokers should contact me directly.
Thanks for visiting and I look forward to serving you.
Yours sincerely
Mr. Montez